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Day 1 over

NaNoWriMo day 1 was a disaster. I sat and stared at my computer screen. I managed to write 1,179 words; but they all suck. I had to fight to get each and every one of them to come to me. There is no way I'll reach 50,000 words if it continues like this. I hope only that it works better this weekend. I have to put on a big push this weekend because I'll be missing next weekend for a family reunion (for my husband's ex-wife's family - yeah, I know I'm not really related; but I've been specifically invited by her parents and I like them).

I didn't have any wine chilled, so maybe writing will go more smoothly when my mind has been lubricated by a nice Pinot-Cherry.


So if your words suck, you're doing it exactly right. This is a draft; it's supposed to suck the worst kind of ass imaginable.

Um -- okay, scary brain image. Must scrub.

Scary image indeed

Thanks for the pep talk. Yeah, I know I'm supposed to be writing crap. If the next 48,721 words don't come a little easier, I'll run out of time. The last two years, my initial chapters almost wrote themselves. This year, not so much. The story is there and I will draw it out. It just needs lubricating with some nice Pinot-Cherry. Silly me, I didn't realize I hadn't chilled any until I went to pour some. Ack! I wrote that dreck while consuming cheesies and Coke Zero. No wonder it sucks. lol
This weekend will be better. I don't feel too badly about the quality of dreck, just a little disappointed at how difficult it is to get started this year. Oh well, pip-pip, stiff upper lip and all that stuff. We shall overcome.
Oh, and I "borrowed" a really good starting sentence for my novel. "Call me Ishmael." That's the only good sentence from last night and I will forever bask in its glory. lol Of course, there is no Ishmael in my novel; but that doesn't make it a bad opening sentence. Unless my plot takes a really weird turn, there won't be any whales or Captain Ahab either.

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