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Family Reunion Travel Plan

I have about two months to finalize the travel plans for the trip to the family reunion in Alberta. I think I've figured out how to pick up my sister on the way and not have to drive through Toronto. Yay!

We might have to drive through Toronto on the way back; but we can take more time then.

The planned route is going to require three 11-hour driving days; but we can make it with time to spare. The last day will only be six hours so we can rest up for the actual reunion.

Mostly, I am trying to ensure we have reasonably-sized towns to stay in so we have a choice of motels/hotels. I don't want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere (i.e. between Sault-Ste-Marie and Thunder Bay) when we are too sleepy to drive.

I haven't plotted the drive home, and might just leave it unplotted. Maybe we'll just follow the Trans-Canada Highway back because timing won't be as crucial as on the trip there.
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