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Day 8 done

Whew! Looks like I have dodged a bullet. Nobody will be looking for houses just before Christmas, so I have all of December to get the house ready for sale. Actually, that's not a lot of time, especially since we have to paint the living and dining rooms and maybe another room or two in addition to whatever else pops up.

The good news is that this lets me fully partake in NaNo. I can continue writing at a feverish pace and still get some sleep. I was starting to get so frazzled that I wasn't able to write much. I'm about 16K in and the plot is thickening/sickening. Who knows which? Who cares which? Anyway, it is going reasonably well, except I have noticed I am drawing out the plot because I'm leading up to a suicide and I don't want her to die. If I keep drawing it out; maybe I'll hit 50K before she has to die. She's not even a main character. Her death is important to the plot. I just don't know if I can deal emotionally with killing her off. I keep telling myself she's not real; but I still feel like a murderer. If it is this difficult to kill off an adult character, how am I going to feel when I have to kill of a child? Yup. That's in the future plot too.



Read my icon!

Or maybe it goes back to Stranger than Fiction and the possibility of some one real dying? ;D Bad movie! Makes you wonder (not really).

Re: Read my icon!

I read your icon and I still don't really want to kill her off. I mean, she's been such a nice person and is only committing suicide so her family will get the insurance money and keep their house. Oops. I gave away a plot point. The way NaNo goes, it is liable to change anyway. Most everything else has.

Stranger Than Fiction was not a good movie. The premise was interesting; but I just didn't like the author at all. I did not find her compelling. In fact, I found her actions nauseating, especially the way she butted and kept every cigarette. Yuck! The actual story didn't live up to the idea.

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