njc2007 (njc2007) wrote,

NaNo Day 17

Well, I confirmed something about myself that I knew. The confirmation is nice, though. It makes me feel that, at 44, I've finally figured myself out (somewhat).

What I confirmed is that I need to write alone and in silence.  The Marathon Write-In of Doooom was a resounding success. There were lots of people and I had a blast. The problem is that only wrote 3,735 words. I knew this would be a problem because I am much too easily distracted to write in a group. Those 3,735 words can be accounted for in the word wars. Those periods were the only times I could concentrate.

Oh, and I really enjoyed playing Catch Phrase. I think I may have to get the game for myself.

So, onward to Day 18. I'm hoping to write another 3,213 words to get me to 35K by the end of the weekend. I had better chill another bottle of wine to get the hamsters in my brain to work properly.
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