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Day 22 over

 Okay, so I have run into a little problem. I wrote 1,299 words. That's decent. I am only 5,206 words away from my goal of 50,000. The little problem is that the story has just ended. I wrote the final scene. I have to write ten percent of my story as filler. I need to flesh out some more of the story. Maybe I'll kill another character. Okay, so maybe it's a minor problem; but this has never happened to me. I have experienced my first premature dénouement and I'm so embarrassed. ;-)

But, seriously, it is really no big deal. I'll just go back and fill in things I had written into the plot but not described. You know, things where I just put a note to expand on it later. All is not lost. I just came across a perfect ending point and took it. Onward and upward, not to mention sideways.
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