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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to friends, relatives, acquaintances, allies, and other noteworthy folks. Seriously, have a great holiday whether you are with loved ones or hated ones.

Christmas can be a trying time when adults have very little sleep and lots of stress, and kids are hyped up on sugar and promises of riches that can never be kept completely. So when things are really bad, just close your eyes and remember that it only happens once a year. Oh, and if things are really good, sit back and take in every little scene in its entirety so you can burn it into your memory for the days to come.

"Merry Christmas and God bless us, every one." (Thanks, Tiny Tim)


I'm a little late in responding to this, but I hope you had a great Christmas and Boxing Day. Hopefully, it was the kind of Christmas where you wanted to sit back and burn the event into your memory and not the kind where you close your eyes and remind yourself that it only happens once a year. Thankfully, I'm quite happy to remember my Christmas. :-)


Thank you. Christmas was surprisingly enjoyable and relaxing. I say surprisingly because we had to drive from Ottawa to Toronto and then on to Welland and back. It was a quiet Christmas with just hubby, his Mom and me. Presents were great. Hubby loved his big cross stitch that took me months to make. His Mom loved it too. She cried when she got a cross stitch pillow I made because it was all about cats and, well, I *made* it and didn't buy it. Oh, and I got all kinds of books on growing and preserving food, and how to survive peak oil and stuff. Lots and lots of reading material. The bad news is that I am having lots of trouble rationing my chocolate and cookie haul. Must inform everyone to avoid giving me junk food as gifts. Like I'd ever turn it down.

I am gratified to hear you had a burn into the memory Christmas. I hope you did just that.

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