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We got back home Wednesday night. I picked up Brimley from the pet store where he boarded while we went to visit hubby's Mom. He didn't see me at first and he was so sad. When I took him out of the cage, he just kept kissing me. (BTW, for those who don't know, Brimley is a bird.) He had lost weight (as he always does when we go away). The pet store feeds him bird food. He's used to getting more variety of fresh fruits and veggies as well as some people food. When I got him home, he ate like a little piggy. He had banana, honeydew melon seeds, cucumber, Babybel cheese, peas and Cheerios. He sat on my shoulder the whole time until I had to leave to go to work. Then he cried and didn't want me to leave. I felt so guilty leaving him even for just four hours.


Poor Baby.

Give him a hug for me.

Re: Poor Baby.

I gave him a hug from you and he looked at me kinda weird. He's a little sucky still; but getting back to normal.

Edited at 2007-12-30 02:30 am (UTC)
Brimley isn't spoiled at all, is he? Considering what you feed him at home, I'm not surprised he lost weight at the pet store! *g*

I'm sorry Brimley's still recovering from the holiday separation. At least he was showered with treats and attention when you were reunited, even if he did cry when you left for work. Hopefully he'll be feeling better in a few more days.


Those weren't treats. That's his regular food. He eats more fresh fruit and veggies than I do. According to the vet, Brimley gets a better diet than on any of the "formulated" bird diets. She did say he is not suffering from the coffee, tea, Coke, chips, chocolate and other assorted junk food I let him have. And the single sip of wine isn't bad for him either. He gets loads of exercise and intellectual stimulation.

The animal tech at the pet store said he is the biggest Quaker she has ever seen. The vet said he is one of the healthiest birds she's seen. I guess we're doing something right.

He's getting back to his bossy self. Actually, he's only bossy with daddy. He's still a little sucky with me. He's not talking as much as usual. He seems to have lost his words. I hope they come back. Some have; but not all. I think he needs more constant attention and conversation to keep up his vocabulary.

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