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Hot flashes and hair cuts don't mix

 I know it is April 1st; but this really happened. I went to get my hair cut on Friday afternoon. While sitting in the chair, I had a dreaded menopausal hot flash. Even the stylist could feel the heat coming off my head. I got so ticked that I told her to just shave my head. Thankfully, she didn't listen to me, at least not completely. Instead, I got a buzz cut. Yeah, my head feels like velvet. She left a short fringe of bangs so I don't look too butch. When the flash was over and I was sitting in the chair staring at myself in the mirror I wondered what my husband would say. The stylist said I should just tell him I was having a Britney Spears moment. Of course, without a moment's hesitation, I commented that I was, in fact, wearing panties so I wouldn't qualify for that.

Hubby's reaction was not unexpected. He didn't throw a fit, just told me I look like a lesbian and that he is glad it will grow back.

Just try to picture my userpic with a buzz cut and you'll see why he's looking forward to it growing back.


No trip to NYC with you. Got enough lizzy whore bitch problems without "the look".
Funny you should mention NYC. It looks like hubby, stepson and I might be going there this summer.
Well, as your husband says, at least it will grow back. And, hey, maybe you'll find a shorter length you like as it's growing back and be able to ask for that next time you go to the hairdresser's.

I usually wear a pixie cut so I'm used to rather short hair. I just have to control my temper and frustration when hot flashes hit. It will be quite a while before I get another haircut. Not because I'm leary; just because my hair is already so short.

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