njc2007 (njc2007) wrote,

Hot flashes and hair cuts don't mix

 I know it is April 1st; but this really happened. I went to get my hair cut on Friday afternoon. While sitting in the chair, I had a dreaded menopausal hot flash. Even the stylist could feel the heat coming off my head. I got so ticked that I told her to just shave my head. Thankfully, she didn't listen to me, at least not completely. Instead, I got a buzz cut. Yeah, my head feels like velvet. She left a short fringe of bangs so I don't look too butch. When the flash was over and I was sitting in the chair staring at myself in the mirror I wondered what my husband would say. The stylist said I should just tell him I was having a Britney Spears moment. Of course, without a moment's hesitation, I commented that I was, in fact, wearing panties so I wouldn't qualify for that.

Hubby's reaction was not unexpected. He didn't throw a fit, just told me I look like a lesbian and that he is glad it will grow back.

Just try to picture my userpic with a buzz cut and you'll see why he's looking forward to it growing back.
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