njc2007 (njc2007) wrote,

Sleepy and tired

As bad as it is to have night sweats, I can't handle the all-over itches either. It was so bad on Tuesday night that I gave up and went to work at 3am. Oh, and I broke a tooth biting Scotch mints while trying to stay awake at work on Wednesday. (I know, I am not supposed to bite them; but I want to get rid of the inside and just have the outside.) Of course, when I came home Wednesday, I lay down for an hour's sleep and woke up in the morning.

Business is incredibly busy since we opened the store part of the recycling centre. I hardly have time to get any dismantling done.

The coming week will be crazy too. I have a dentist appointment across town at 8:30 Monday morning and I have to stay awake all Monday night to guard a bin of steel until it is picked up by the metal dealer around 6:00 am. Then I am off to the hospital for an 8:20 appointment for a pre-op assessment. The surgery is still three weeks away.

On top of all this, hubby and I have a conference in Toronto May 5-6 and I am in surgery on the 7th. This all happens while we take occupancy of new business premises on May 1 and plan for our grand opening on May 10. This is our third grand opening this year and each of the others was accompanied by a snow storm. So, is anyone taking bets on a big snow storm for Ottawa on May 10?

Oh, and at the end of May, hubby, step-son and I head to NYC for six days. The boys are attending two baseball games because it is the final season for the existing stadiums for both the Yankees and the Mets. Step-son is a big baseball fan, so this is important to him. Of course, I get free time to do what I want while they're at the games. I still haven't decided what to do; but I figure there will be lots of things.
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