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The best laid plans...go awry

Well, it seems that my doctor and my husband have ganged up on me. Neither will allow me to go back to work for a while. I really want to be at the grand opening of *my* new location tomorrow; but it looks doubtful. Between the pain and the, well, pain, I don't think I'll make it there. I'll just have to take the time off the doctor prescribed and recover. At least I'm catching up on my sleep and Brimley is thrilled to have freedom from the cage and company every day.



ha! Some sane persons in your circle, I see.

How are you feeling now?

Sorry to hear about the extensive pain from your procedure. Does it have to do with all of that gas they pumped into you to expand the area so they could see? I had lots and lots of pain like that when I had laproscopic procedures. I'm at the cottage, but you can call me on my cell or at the cottage. Barb

Re: How are you feeling now?

I'm still in pain. Part of it is from the carbon dioxide they used to try to turn me into a parade float. The worst of the pain is a consequence of two Tylenol 3s every four hours. I will leave the description up to each reader's imagination. The itch from the adhesive is driving me batty.

Anyway, I'm hoping to recover enough to get to Terroir in Picton next Saturday and NYC at the end of the month. So many things on the go and unable to lift anything. I'm still miffed that I had to miss my grand opening. The store still isn't ready.

The doctor wanted four weeks of inactivity. I'm not sure I can stand more than a few days. That's psychologically. Physically, my body wants more. The doctor agreed to two weeks but I'll have to be able to lift a glass of wine next weekend. Brimley is holding out for all four weeks. He really likes being out of the cage and having someone home with him all the time.

So, now you will have to post some journal entries of your own. Oh, and I am not lazigyrl. I went with the infinitely duller njc2007.

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