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The Big Apple

Well, it has been a very tiring six days. We arrived home last night from New York City. I didn't post anything about the then upcoming trip for security reasons; but now I can tell you all about it.

Six days on the subway in the Big Apple is like six days of Stairmaster class. I have never climbed so many stairs in my life. My legs are both tired and buff.

The whole idea for the trip arose when my stepson (a baseball nut) commented that this is the final season for Shea Stadium because they are building a new stadium for the Mets. He regretted that he had not visited the stadium when he was in NYC with his Mom. His Dad suggested he take a trip to see a game. I suggested he take his Dad with him. Then, I decided I'd like to tag along without attending the game. Well, when stepson did some research, he discovered it is also the final year for Yankee Stadium, so he got tickets for two games. That gave us the dates for our trip. We booked the flights using Air Miles. We were all set.

Our relatively new hotel was in Queens; but only a couple of blocks from a subway line that ran straight to Grand Central and Times Square in 10-15 minutes. We couldn't have asked for a better location. There were tons of good restaurants from which to choose when we wanted to eat near the hotel. There was also a delightful coffee shop that was conveniently placed between the hotel and the subway station. The neighbourhood was a safe one with regular people on the streets. We paid $134 per night and had a king size bed and our own bathroom. The cheapest I could find in Manhattan was over $200 with a common bathroom. I think we did rather well. If anyone is going to NYC, I highly recommend La Quinta Queens at 37-18 Queens Blvd. It is small, so book early.

We saw many sights and ate good food. In fact, it didn't seem to matter how inexpensive the meal, the food was fabulous.

Oh, and I shopped 'til I dropped. I visited every store I could find. I started at Saks Fifth Avenue where I found the most wonderful pair of shoes from Prada. They were divine, except I didn't like the particular way my toes peaked out the front. Oh, and the $400 price tag would have been pretty much my whole shopping budget. I moved on to Bloomingdale's where I found some shoes I liked for $110 (less my 11% discount from the New York Pass I bought before the trip). I also stopped by the Clinique counter for a makeover and to buy some foundation, etc. that I'll need at Polaris. Macy's was a real disappointment. I didn't buy anything there. The only interesting part was the wooden escalator. I checked out several discount stores and found some more shoes I liked (and bought). All in all, I bought five pair of shoes: Arturo Chaing, Nine West, Anne Klein, Calvin Klein and Madeline. I have to say that good-looking and stylish shoes in size 11 are a whole lot easier to find in NYC than in Ottawa.

The three of us split up several times to go do our own things. This is when I had the most fun. I visited the Museum of Sex and got a t-shirt for [info]lazigyrl. Of course, I also visited the exhibits. Rather disappointing. They didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. Then again, I am rather knowledgeable on the subject. *blushes*

 Oh, if you go to NYC and plan to take the subway, get the unlimited Metrocard. I paid $25 for a week-long pass that I could use pretty much anywhere. At $2 per ride, it takes only 11 rides to pay for itself. I was hopping on and off trains all the time. Sometimes to go just a single stop (and save 3-4 blocks of walking). The blocks are about the size of Ottawa city blocks, not Toronto city blocks. According to the tour guide on our boat cruise, Manhattan is only 2 miles wide and 5 miles long and houses about 1.5 million people. On a weekday, about 3 million people are there. That's a whole heck of a lot of people in an area smaller than Kanata.

We did not take in any Broadway or off-Broadway shows. We just didn't feel the need. We enjoyed getting to know some of the locals and spending time soaking up the atmosphere. We walked lots and enjoyed ourselves. We really didn't eat all that much (except the Junior's cheesecake...yummy). We had a great time and are very happy we took this vacation.

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