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Dang it all

My trusty laptop gave up the ghost during a thunderstorm. Unfortunately, it wasn't just the power supply, battery or adapter that was affected. Something on the motherboard is toast. Bye bye laptop. The good news is that I was able to get all the files out of My Documents. In a few days, I'll be up and running (sort of) on a desktop hubby has in the basement. (He has about 10 computers of different types around the house.) In the meantime, I'm using his main computer periodically.

I have been home from work for the past week, and expect to be for another week or so. I'm frantically sorting and pitching all kinds of junk from the house so we can clean it up for sale. We plan to have the house up for sale by the end of the month. It is a long, difficult process. For now, I have to pretty much wait to do more because I have nowhere left to put garbage until I can put the existing garbage at the curb tonight.

Brimley is thrilled with constant company; but not with the upheaval. It should be interesting to see his reaction when we move. He's never lived anywhere else.

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It sucks that your laptop got fried during a thunderstorm. :-( I'm sure you were very relieved to discover that you could still retrieve your files from My Documents and transfer them to the desktop in the basement. Hope the basement computer works out.

I'm sorry the house clean up has been stressing you out. I hope you survive the process and manage to sell the house quickly once it's ready. I'm sure Brimley will be happy in his new home once he's had a chance to get used to it.
Thank you for your comments.

Yeah, the computer thing is just one more nuisance I don't need right now. I've postponed setting up the "new" one until I get the house in order.

The cleaning isn't so much stressing me out and tiring me out. I can't believe how much "stuff" we have accumulated. Oh well, tomorrow I wallpaper the bathroom, so I should go scrub the tub now.

Brimley loves having me home all day; but hates that I'm not paying attention to him. Poor (spoiled) baby.

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