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"The world is clay and we are artists."

Biochemists are people of their word, intent on preserving social and family values. At home and at work, they reliably examine the people and products that fall under their responsibility—unobtrusively ensuring uniform quality and demanding that certain standards of conduct are maintained.


In both their professional and personal lives, individuals of this type are rather quiet and serious. Biochemists are extraordinarily persevering and dependable. The thought of dishonoring a contract would appall a person of this type. When they give their word, they give their honor. They perform their duties without flourish or fanfare; therefore, the dedication they bring to their work can go unnoticed and unappreciated.


While not directly seeking leadership positions, Biochemists are often placed in such roles. They build a reputation for reliable, stable, and consistent performance that causes others to select them to lead. They use their past experience and their factual knowledge in their decision making.


With knowledge comes understanding, and with understanding comes mastery. The Biochemist's knowledge of science has reached the saturation point, leading to a mastery over the laws of nature. The potions they brew can bring someone from the edge of death and eat away at the armor of the body and soul. Their alchemical knowledge allows for the creation of homonculi. Now their only goal is the magnum opus: the Philosopher's Stone.

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