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It is now officially sold. Our house is sold. We just have to wait for the closing date (September 30) to finalize the transfer.

The apartment is being painted and recarpeted. We move in on September 18. I think everything is in order for that. I still have to buy the blinds; but, hey, I have three whole weeks to get to that.

I spent several hours last night working out how to fit our furniture into a very small space. The 14x17 living room has to fit into 9x10. My 15x15 sewing room has to fit into 8x6. This is difficult; but I think I've worked out a reasonable furniture arrangement. Of course, there will be lots of stuff in storage. At least now we know what is going with us and what it going into storage. Hubby wanted to wait to see how things fit when we got there. He changed his mind and realized I was doing the right thing when I explained that any furniture that we discover doesn't fit will have to be carried back down the flight and a half of stairs and taken to put into storage. My way, the movers do all the hard work and we just lift a finger to sign the cheque.
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It is now officially sold. Our house is sold.
That was quick!

It is now officially sold. Our house is sold.
Best way to organize things
Oh yeah. I opened a bottle of bubbly (not champagne) rose to celebrate.
Congratulations! It's wonderful that you've sold the house and have a definite moving date! :-) It sounds like you've come up with a smart system for arranging the furniture in your new apartment. It's a good idea to save yourself some work ahead of time and figure out what needs to be put in storage.
Thanks. I find SmartDraw very useful for a lot of things. It is absolutely wonderful for furniture layouts. In fact, I sometimes scan model home plans and lay out furniture just for fun. Of course, that's back when I had time.

I'm still trying to figure out how to fit my 15' x 15' jam-packed sewing room contents into 6' x 8' and still be able to move in the room. It isn't looking too likely. I'm afraid I'm going to have to store a lot of my fabrics. Oh well, storage is just at work, so at least I can get access fairly easily.

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