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Less than two weeks to move day and I still haven't gone through anything. No sorting. No tossing out. No packing. I did; however, pick up boxes from the moving company. Stupid me, I forgot the packing paper. I really don't want to pack everything in newspaper and have to wash everything before I can put it away.

On the plus side, I was at the new apartment and the new ceramic tile and carpet look great. The paint job is pretty much done. The only problem (?) is that the place is really, really small compared to where we are now. It is going to be a lifestyle adjustment. I just hope we can make that adjustment without too many problems.


Glad the apartment is almost ready to move into.

I just hope we can make that adjustment without too many problems.
*crosses fingers for you*

Hope you'll sail smoothly through the adjustment.
Thank you for your wishes.

I'm most concerned about my husband making the adjustment. He didn't realize how small the new place is until he was there again on Thursday and it hit him that this is going to be "home". He'll be fine once we're settled.

Personally, I'm looking forward to less space. I just wish I had more of it for the sewing room. Oh well, I'll just have to deal with it. Worst come to worst, I'll do the layout and cutting on the big table at work.
Well, collecting boxes for packing is a pretty good start. I'm sure the actual packing will happen eventually. *g* I'm glad you're happy with the look of your new apartment. While it will be an adjustment, I'm sure you'll get used to it.
I appreciate your vote of confidence. I'm looking forward to being settled in the new place.

I should have my library completely packed by the end of the day. I'm aiming for a room each day; but the basement rooms will take longer because of all the things we just put down there until we knew what to do with them.

I just keep reminding my husband (and myself) that less space means less to clean. *g*

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