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Slowly, ever so slowly

The packing is proceeding very slowly; but at least it has started.

I started packing up my library in the boxes provided by the moving company. I filled one box and tried to lift it. That's when I got smaller boxes and started over. I have the library a little more than half packed. Most of the rest of the house will be quicker. (Yes, I baby my books.)


Good that things are getting on their way.

I'll put my house on the market in a month, so now I am in the process of throwing things away in order to prepare the house for the sale. Not having to move something is a powerful incentive to throw it away, I notice.
Just not with books :)
Yeah, I'm in the midst of throwing away a whole lot more than when I got the house ready for market. I think the deeper into the process, the more ruthless I get. If I haven't used something in a year, I don't need it. Thankfully, I use hubby more often than once per year. ;-)

Good luck with your house sale.
Don't throw hubby away just yet.
He can carry things during the move!


Good luck to you too.
Nah, hubby can't carry things during the move because one of us has to keep the store open. He would rather do that than manage the move.

I've hired four guys to do the heavy lifting. I'm just not looking forward to reassembling everything. I think I'll have more motivation to get things reassembled and put away than I have right now to pack and disassemble. I just want to crawl into a hole and pull the ground in after me. Sleep sounds really, really good.
I don't know how large your library is, but if it's anything like mine then I'd say that having half of it packed is a great accomplishment! *g*

Hope the rest of the packing goes smoothly.
My library consisted of a 9' x 10' room. Once I weeded out the books I'll be donating, I have sixteen boxes to move. I finished packing them last night.

Hubby wanted to keep every book because he can't stand the idea of "throwing out" a book. When I explained that I was donating them, he relented. Besides, I'm less inclined to keep the psychobabble self-help ones than I would have a few years ago. I guess that indicates I've moved past a lot of my "issues". Yay!! My shrink would be proud (if I were still seeing him).
Good for you!

One of my potential movers came by yesterday to assess my stuff for his quote. My books are gonna be a costly matter. He thinks there are now about 150 cubic foot of them, and he is talking about using a second truck. I guess I should start donating books too.
Thing is, I feel much like your husband ...
*wry grin*
Books are very expensive to move, especially if you are going very far.

You have a lot more books than I have. Other than the ones I'm getting rid of (gasp), I have only sixteen boxes. It sounds like you have a lot more furniture too. My worst room for the movers is my 15' x 15' sewing room. It is loaded with many boxes of fabric and notions as well as a full wall of bolts of fabric. I swear the moving guy heaved a huge sigh when he saw that wall.

I called the library and they aren't accepting donations because they don't have the staff to process them. I guess I'll have to sell them to the local used book chain.

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