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Packing is proceeding. Even hubby did some. My library has been packed for almost a week; but my sewing room is giving me grief. I mean, how do I move 225 square feet of stuff into 48 square feet? The answer: put most of it in storage. Now I have the arduous task of deciding which of my beloved things will not be with me 24/7.

Oh, and I forgot to call the moving company on Friday to finalize the moving details. Drat. I MUST remember to do it tomorrow and hope they will accept my apologies.

As we are still using kitchen stuff, I'll take Wednesday off to pack the kitchen up.

Thanks so much to all of you for your encouragement. It really has helped. Here's hoping Thursday goes well.


Good luck with the final details.

There always seems to be a phase that things become so real that they seem harder and less pleasant then when you planned them. You can do it. You planned it with yourself in mind after all :)

This phase is really difficult. We've finally come to the realization that we won't be living in this house any more. We're closing a chapter in our lives. Fifteen years of happy memories will be just memories with no place to store them. ven though we are downsizing voluntarily, it is still tough to leave those memories behind.

It has made both of us sympathize with the people who are losing their homes to foreclosure, and to my mother-in-law who really can't afford to stay in her house; but doesn't want to leave behind fifty years of memories.
Yes that is so sad, being forced to leave these memories behind.

Hope you sail through the sad stage in tact.
There's light and life on the other side, even if it's not there yet.

Thank you.

I am supposed to be packing up the kitchen. I'll get back to it in a few minutes; but I needed to take a short break.

I figure we'll be fine within a month. We'll be all settled into our new "home". For now, I have to finish packing because the movers show up at 7:30 tomorrow morning.
7:30 AM tomorrow?

The sooner it starts the sooner it is over. Just hope you get everything boxed in time.

Alas, we didn't get everything boxed in time. The movers are doing their thing as I type. I am looking forward to adding to the one hour of sleep I got last night. I plan to just crash on the mattress as soon as the movers are finished. (No, I haven't got the computer hooked up already. We're storing some stuff at work, so I'm here.)
Hope things (and you) have (are) settled a bit by now, and that you have all family members and all boxes out of the rain, in a bit of a comfortable way

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