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We're homeless

Not really; but the house sale closed yesterday. I haven't opened up my bottle of celebratory wine. That is waiting for getting our hot little hands on the money. Actually, I might just wait until the weekend. There's no use opening a really nice bottle of wine when I am so tired I won't enjoy it.


The Norman Hardee Pinot Noir?

You're houseless (building, not show since cable has come to the apt), not homeless.
Actually, we are kinda homeless. We haven't got everything put away yet, so it isn't yet a home.

Yes, the Norman Hardie Pinot Noir. I'm looking forward to savouring it.
That is good news!
And getting your hands on the money is even better news :D

Hope to follow you example in a few months.

Don't know what I will do with the money though.
The situation over here is not as crazy as in the US, but banks and stocks are no longer what they have been.

How's the situation in Canada?
I still don't have the money yet. (No lawyers available to sign a cheque on the trust account because of the Jewish New Year.) At least I know our lawyer has it and we can trust them. (Yes, there are good lawyers out there.)

I know how you feel. Things in Canada aren't in the same state of panic as in the US; but our economy is so tied in with the Americans that we catch cold when they sneeze. My recommendation is to sell sooner rather than later. If things turn down the way I believe they will, it won't matter what country you're in. Cash will be king and "assets" will be worth almost nothing.
Congratulations on being homeless! *g* It's great that the house sale closed yesterday. I hope you enjoy that nice bottle of wine this weekend. You've earned it. :-)
Thank you.

Oh, I will. I have been looking forward to this bottle of wine since July.

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