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Birdicide / Avianicide?

My friend, lazigyrl, accidentally killed a bird yesterday. What was she supposed to do? The bird flew in front of her car on a freeway. Anyway, she confessed it to me last night. She felt terrible about it. She probably still does. I told her I would bring her confession to my pet Quaker Parakeet, Brimley, and ask his advice.

Well, Brimley had a lot to say. First, he squawked that the parents of that bird should be brought up on charges for not teaching the little one to stay away from highways. Then, he said all birdies should have good human slaves to protect them from such dangers. Finally, he offered absolution for the promise of more french fries. I think he likes lazigyrl. Actually, I know he likes lazigyrl. Why else would he spend time on her shoulder?

So, lazigyrl, you have been absolved by the birdie authority.
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