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Cross Stitch Has Me In Knots

Okay. So, just a week ago, lazigyrl introduced me to cross stitch. I have done a lot of needlework in my life; but had never tried cross stitch. Well, I'm hooked. I anticipate finishing my first project later tonight, or maybe tomorrow if I can't stop sneezing.

Someone I did a favour for a few months back asked what he could do in return. He desperately wanted to show his appreciation. I jokingly mentioned PC Stitch Pro software. This morning, the activation code arrived in my email inbox. Yes! He had purchased the software for me. We had gone back and forth before he purchased it. I told him it was too much money and I had mentioned it only as a joke. He said it would make him happy if I accepted it. Well, I guess I'm making him happy. It is going to take me quite a while to learn the ins and outs of the software; but I will. I will probably design a cross stitch to give him. Thank you Brian.
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