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NaNo Kick-Off

Went to the Ottawa NaNoWriMo kick-off party last night. It was fun. Yes, I sat at the "shy" table; but I didn't let lazigyrl  hide behind me this time. I am overwhelmed by the variety of stories people are going to write. I wish I had that kind of imagination.


Good for you! It's great that you and lazigyrl attended the NaNo kick-off party last night! :-) I'm sure I'd be overwhelmed by the various story premises too. It's incredible how creative and energetic some people are. Good luck with your own project. I guess it's only a couple of days before you'll be starting.
Thank you. I will be writing by the seat of my pants this year (as I sit here in my nightgown in the middle of the afternoon). I will need all the luck I can get.

We have started. I am behind my goal already; but had to take some time to draw a map and make lists of character names. It is much easier to write in a world that already exists.
Sounds fun and inspirational!
It's incredible that so many people want to do the nanowrimo and that their minds all work in such different ways.

Enjoy the month!
Yes, the kickoff party is definitely fun and inspirational. This year it was also held at a favourite restaurant. (Yay!) It is truly amazing at how many stories there are and how different they all are.

Thank you, I will try to enjoy the month. At the moment it is a little overwhelming because my story idea is still in its infancy. I will nurture it and hope it will grow. By the way, one of my characters is called Lord Marbury (a nod to another Lord of your acquaintance).

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*raises brow*

*nods back*
Definitely, M'Lord. You are an inspiration.

*raises glass*
*raises his Lagavulin*

I'm exceedingly curious as to how your inspiration will give life to a new tale about me - or the likes of me.

What tarot card do you perceive me to be. my dear? The fool?

Nay, never the Fool. The King of Pentacle is more your style. "A successful man who works with finance or figures." In your case, women's figures.
Glad I'm not the fool.


Buxom female figures have my utmost attention indeed.
Actually, my dear Lord Marbury, I am considering pairing your character up with the mother of the King of Bernway. She is a young widow with your favourite attributes. Your daughter will be marrying her son, which will bring the two of you into close contact. Perhaps you and she will come to some arrangement. Marriage may not be in the cards; but a dalliance of some kind is taking root in my head.

I forgot to mention that you, my dear, are the Lord and Ruler of a country that shares an island with the country of the lady in question. A dalliance would be easily accomplished as the island is only one day's horse or carriage ride wide, and either of you could make excuses for visits to the other's country. Perhaps the shopping is better in your capital. And you prefer the tailor's in her city. I have many ideas. While not the main characters, you and this lovely lady would certainly be entertaining. I might even name her with a variation of Abigail, unless your Lordship has any objections.
Not just Lord and Ruler of a country; but also the victor in a war between the two countries inhabiting the small island.

The dalliance is set to begin. Get set for a frolicking good time, your Lordship.
My dear Lord Marbury. I am so ashamed. I attempted to delete the message I received telling me of your comment. Alas, I deleted the comment instead. I am distraught and beg your forgiveness.

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