njc2007 (njc2007) wrote,

Day One (and a bit)

The Write-In went well. There were five of us and I managed to get 1,991 words out of no plot or characters.

When I got home, OpenOffice wouldn't cooperate with me. I couldn't even open the program without crashing it. Strange thing. You'd think it was a Microsoft product. ;-)

And then this morning, I had to draw a map so I know the names of places and how far apart they are, etc. I also had to start keeping track of characters because I can't remember all the names properly. Oh, and Lord Marborough has become Lord Marbury because it is shorter (fewer letters to type). Maybe I can get back to writing again soon. I need to get my 2,009 words in so I can get back on track for day 2.

I now have several characters and something of an idea for a plot. Let's hope it can last for 50K words.

Tags: nano2008

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