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NaNo Day Eight

Okay, so I'm 240 words short of my daily goal. That's okay because I'm still 2,447 ahead of my cumulative goal to date. I simply had to stop because I am at a point where I need to figure out how the King is going to react to the revelation that his mother's lover is the leader of the country with which he is trying to negotiate an end of hostilities. Yup, his mother has been having an affair with his enemy. Lord Marbury's affair is finally revealed.


Wow! That sounds like a really intriguing plot! It almost has shades of Hamlet, though in a good way. :-)

I don't being 240 words short of your daily goal is so terrible, especially if you're still 2,447 words ahead of your cumulative goal.
*curses* Now I'll have to read Hamlet.

I am quite far behind for today too. I slept until two o'clock this afternoon. I just can't seem to get motivated. To sleep...perchance to wake up rested for once. I will not quit until I have put in at least 2K words. Sleep must wait.

OOC from mun:

If his alter ego is anywhere near as full of himself as my muse, than there is a chance of a confrontation with the kid King, simply because of John's social misconceptions. His Lordship John-I-thought-you-were-the-butler is not always very sensitive to the feelings of other men.

He'd probably explain to the young King that his country would be better off when the King hands the government over to the more experienced Lord. Maybe John has said so in the past.

Just my two cents worth

Oil to the fire.

IC from his Lordship

In point of fact, I do have the welfare of his realm in mind. A kingling who loses his bearings as a result of his mother having exquisite taste in men, should not be allowed to rule over even a inconsequential hamlet.

Re: IC from his Lordship

Your Lordship will be happy to read what King Hanley has found, in the Queen Mother's own hand. It stops abruptly because King Hanley cannot read on due to the nature of the text.

My Darling John,

First, I will answer the question that is most prominent in your mind. Your daughter has arrived and is safe. I vow to you that I shall protect her with my life.

It has been more than two years since we laid eyes on each other, yet I can picture you as clearly as I could if you were standing in front of me. Your eyes, intense one moment and laughing the next. Your proud nose and regal forehead. And the lovely way your hair falls loose on your forehead when you lean down to kiss me. It is that heaven I miss most of all. I miss your kiss and your caress. My breasts ache for your....

Re: IC from his Lordship

John reads the letter breathless. When it stops abruptly, his left brows arches high.

I do assume and fervently hope the meddlesome chap has had the good grace to forward the epistle after he turned scarlet.

He leans out of his tower window to cast an eye on the mailbox.

Re: IC from his Lordship

Indeed he has. In fact, Hanley has given his blessing to this and future correspondence between his Mother and her beloved Lord Marbury. It remains to be seen whether he can be so accommodating when confronted with the two lovers in person rather than in print. That will have to wait for future writing.

I believe Hanley's colour is beginning to fade to a pinkish hue. He may be coming to terms with the fact a particular form of adultery is actively encouraged in their countries. Abbigael's husband, King Adelar (deceased), obviously had excellent taste in men, as he is the one who set her up with Lord Marbury in the first place. Perhaps this is the reason Lord Marbury has never spoken poorly of King Adelar.

Re: IC from his Lordship

*bends over and whispers*

Pray tell. Given the extent of our dalliance ... *coughs* ... who exactly is junior's begetter?

*he swallows*

Re: IC from his Lordship

Hmm, I had thought to have the affair begin after the birth of Prince Hanley (later, King Hanley); but perhaps the plot would be more interesting if he had different parentage.

*ponders plot twists*

Re: IC from his Lordship


*steps backwards hands in front of him, warding off plot twists*

I'm not entirely sure I want to explain this to my daughter.

Re: IC from his Lordship

I think your daughter may be from your wife's lover. That would avoid any incestuous stuff if she marries "Junior". The law in this fictional land indicates that the "father" is the man who raises the child, not necessarily the man who "sired" the child. Could make the book a heck of a lot more interesting. I must thank Your Lordship for the many ideas that have been spawned by your correspondence with me.

Re: IC from his Lordship

I think your daughter may be from your wife's lover.

*sits down heavily his usual energetic buoyancy lost*

Re: IC from his Lordship

Bring back the buoyancy. Lovers are encouraged in this culture. It is proof that one has a desirable spouse.

OOC from mun:

When did he discover this?

If it is something he learned after he has raised her as his blood it may come a bit as a shock.

If OTOH he magnanimously has offered to raise someone else's blood as his own, he'll be as full of himself as ever

Re: OOC from mun:

Of course Lord Marbury knew about the paternity of his daughter all along.

Parsivan law indicates that the child's father is the one who raises the child, not necessarily the one who fathered the child. As there are no paternity tests, this legal ruling has made life much easier, as has the acceptance/encouragement of taking a lover. It increases the gene pool and keeps families from falling apart in divorce due to infidelity. (Divorce is banned, except in extremely rare cases.) To avoid unintentional incest, there are three parents listed on the birth certificate: Mother, Legal Father, and Biological Father.

He can be as full of himself as he wishes.

BTW, I have just mapped out the rest of the novel and he gets a bit of a promotion.

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