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Cross stitch is enthralling

I was cross stitching last night and lost track of time. It is incredibly relaxing. Nothing to worry about except following the pattern and making little Xs. It was almost midnight when I looked at a clock and went up to bed. Unfortunately, I was wide awake and my sinuses were really painful. In spite of the sinus medication, I couldn't get comfortable or to sleep until 3:00. Morning came way too early. I am zonked today.


But very bad for ze neck muscles (and others, but I mostly notice ze neck).

Neck muscles

For some reason, my neck muscles haven't bothered me. I think it might be that I have gone back to my ergonomic pillow.

I think it might bother your neck muscles because, well, you already have issues with your neck muscles. Bad muscles...need to be beaten into submission by a massage therapist. Oops, you can't do that either...just makes the muscles worse. Yes, it does. We need to put you in a neck brace when you're stitching.

The only thing that bothers me when doing cross stitch is having to hold the hoop. My hand can get a little cramped. That will soon be history because I am getting a lap stand. All the reviews about it are great. I hope it lives up to the hype.

Actually, there is one other thing that bothers me when I'm cross stitching and that is a bird (Brimley) who wants to help. I have to keep shooing him away from my threads. He just wants to get involved. I tried to give him some of his own thread; but he wants what I'm working on. Mama's little helper (no, not Valium).

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