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NaNo Day Twelve

Yes, I know I missed posting on Day Eleven. I was too tired and didn't get much done. I was also grumpy about having to fast for a #$% medical test. So, my few words last night were posted on my NaNo profile; but no comments were made here.

Anyway, Day Twelve was reasonably good, word count wise. I had to sit in a crowded waiting room for almost three hours, so I managed to reinvent my plot (now that secondary characters have tried to take over). I also managed to type about 600 words while sitting in a chair surrounded by *cough* sick people and trying to stay away from said sick people. Lovely way to spend a birthday. Anyway, I managed to do some more writing tonight because hubby is feeling under the weather and I have alone time. (Brimley is happily playing with spoons in the kitchen.) So, the verdict is that I managed to rework my plot and write 2,904 words. I now have a total of 30,151 words. That puts me slightly ahead of my target. Okay, about 6K ahead of my target; but if hubby is getting sick, so will I. I will need that cushion for bad days.

Now it is off to bed to try to get rid of this blasted sinus headache. I've had it for two days; but couldn't take anything last night because I had to fast for the #$% test. That test better come back negative.
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