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NaNo Day Twelve

Yes, I know I missed posting on Day Eleven. I was too tired and didn't get much done. I was also grumpy about having to fast for a #$% medical test. So, my few words last night were posted on my NaNo profile; but no comments were made here.

Anyway, Day Twelve was reasonably good, word count wise. I had to sit in a crowded waiting room for almost three hours, so I managed to reinvent my plot (now that secondary characters have tried to take over). I also managed to type about 600 words while sitting in a chair surrounded by *cough* sick people and trying to stay away from said sick people. Lovely way to spend a birthday. Anyway, I managed to do some more writing tonight because hubby is feeling under the weather and I have alone time. (Brimley is happily playing with spoons in the kitchen.) So, the verdict is that I managed to rework my plot and write 2,904 words. I now have a total of 30,151 words. That puts me slightly ahead of my target. Okay, about 6K ahead of my target; but if hubby is getting sick, so will I. I will need that cushion for bad days.

Now it is off to bed to try to get rid of this blasted sinus headache. I've had it for two days; but couldn't take anything last night because I had to fast for the #$% test. That test better come back negative.


I remembered the 5th of November, I just remembered it on Twitter, not here (I was bitching about the lack of bonfires).

I will be be tonight, but I'll be doing it pen and paper style, my head hurts and I thought I'd take a break from the computer screen for writing (since I can't for work).
Pen and paper works fine. Then again, you could always type on your computer with your eyes shut. I understand that's really good for word count.
now that secondary characters have tried to take over

*mutters under his breath*
I heard that!

Secondary Characters Mutinied

Oh yes, my dear Lord Marbury (the character) is going to have Junior assassinated and then take over both countries when he marries Junior's mother.

Nothing wrong with a little ambition.

Re: Secondary Characters Mutinied

Nothing wrong with a little ambition.
Obviously I have good taste too.

(Through, wasn't he my son?)

Re: Secondary Characters Mutinied

Yes, he was your son; but you never liked the little twerp. He had no backbone. You constantly blame the man who raised him because his genetic material was, obviously, impeccable.
That test better come back negative.

Amen to that.
Yup, I don't want to have to give up wine and sweets.

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