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NaNo Day Fifteen

I didn't get much written today; but I didn't expect to. I worked all day (and Saturdays have more interruptions than weekdays). I got about 700 words written at work. I went for dinner and shopping with a friend (picked up some Reidel wine glasses). I got home shortly after 9:00 and watched Fringe. Then I sat down and completed the scene I had started at work. That's all I did; but I managed to eke out 1,483 words to keep me ahead of my self-imposed target.

We have a birthday brunch to attend tomorrow. I plan to spend most of the rest of the day writing (and maybe trying out my new wine glasses). I am happy I have a real ending to write toward. It make writing a heck of a lot easier when I know where it is supposed to go. I guess it is like a long road trip. The individual turns are easier when you know where you are supposed to end up.

Anyway, good night to all.
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