njc2007 (njc2007) wrote,

NaNo Day 20

Argh! I really wrote more than the 136 words it looks like. I had to make up word count that I lost to the counting vagueries of Open Office and its [not so] smart quotes. Those quotation marks added 1,300 words to my word count to make me think I had written a whole lot more than I had. Of course, now that I've turned off the smart quotes, I had to write enough to at least have a small increase over my word count from yesterday. I just couldn't stand seeing my word count go down. That would look nasty on the graph. Instead, I pull ahead by a measly 136 words. I also have to head to bed to fend off whatever my body is fighting, so I have to stop at the beginning of the first real sex scene. I just can't write that until my mind is clear. My Lord Marbury will be satisfied; but not tonight.
Tags: nano2008

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