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NaNo Oh No

*head desk*

48,446 words into the novel, I have come to the realization that it needs to be written from a completely different point of view. Oh well, I guess I'll have to do that during the editing phase. November is for getting the story down. Making it work coherently will take a lot longer than thirty days.


Yikes! That's a pretty annoying realization! :-( Well, I think it's better to find out at the later stages than never realize it at all. And, as you say, this is something you can change during the editing phase. At least the events of the novel will remain the same.
Thanks for the happy thoughts. Unfortunately, some of the events will have to change -- hopefully for the better. Having multiple first person POV will add to the word count; but not until editing, so it won't actually matter for NaNoWriMo. Not a big deal as I am less than 1,300 words away from 50K and still have several chapters to write.
Ah, I should have thought of that. Depending on the character in question, he/she may not be a witness or participant in certain events, etc. Well, it's fabulous news that you're only 1,300 words away from 50K! Excellent work! :-)
*takes bow*

Thank you. I actually managed to surpass 50K today, so I'm taking a breather.

I don't write description in my first draft. When I do NaNo, I focus on getting the appropriate action. Description comes in the editing phase. That should double my word count.
Was the prince the POV?
That could be a problem indeed.

Writing from a dead man's perspective can be a bit taxing, I agree. Especially when he has his eyes closed and is lying in a box.
Yes, the prince was the POV. I am going to change (when I edit) to a first person POV from multiple characters. It will be a little more difficult to write; but will convey the story better (I hope).

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