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NaNo Day 24

Okay, so I didn't write a lot tonight (434 words). So shoot me. It is a very, very boring chapter with a week-long carriage journey through backwoods. I have to figure out some interesting events and conversations to put in it and my mind just won't go there. At least I have the main action down. The rest is detail and can go in when I'm editing.

Tomorrow's chapter doesn't appear to be much more fun to write, as it is just a coronation. To get it right, I will need to do research. That, too, can wait for editing. I just have to get the salient points down.

Alas, I have three journey chapters. I will have to come up with something interesting to happen on each journey or find a way to condense them without pissing of the reader.

Actually, the next few chapter will be fairly boring to write. I'm looking forward to the final two. Those are going to be a lot of fun. Here are the chapters yet to be written:

21 Coronation
22 Journey to Berway (2 people)
23 Final wedding preparations
24 Journey to Berway (2 more people)
25 Wedding and assassination *very exciting*
26 Funeral and result of investigation into assassination *very exciting*
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