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NaNo Day 27 - FINAL

That's it. The manuscript now has those two lovely words: The End.

58607 words (including The End) and 27 days, and I didn't decide who would be the assassin until the last couple of pages. Who says authors know where things are leading? The only time I know where things are heading is when I'm working on a rewrite.

Anyway, woo-hoo, I managed to hit two goals: 50K and the end. Now I can rest and maybe watch the TV shows I've missed.

I am thrilled that I accomplished what I set out to do; but I am also sad that it is over for another year. I guess I'll have to start editing NaNo2006. That should help ease the withdrawal symptoms.


Well done!
Thank you.
I presume that I pinned the assassin a medal to his/her chest. Services to the country and all that.

Congratulations on finishing the tale.
Does his Lordship live long and happily ever after (surrounded by buxom ladies)?
Um, I don't know how to break the news to you; but your illegitimate brother was the one who sent the arrow through the King's chest. He did it at your behest.

You confessed all in a letter to your daughter, then took your own life. Your new bride dies with you because she will not live if her son is dead. BTW, she forgave you for having him killed.

I guess it is better to be Lord and alive than King and dead.
then took your own life

I'm all for theatrical gestures but ...

then took your own life
Ah, but in this culture it is believed that the dead rise and reside on Ascendant Peak, living out a second life.
That doesn't sound too appalling.

In case all the deceased gather there, I do hope that Peak is gargantuan. Otherwise you may have cause for another novel, in which that miscreant will be slain again and again until the end of time.

A long novel, methinks.
And repetitious too.
Much like a politician's thirst for the greater good power, the Peak is infinite.
Dude! Awesome!

I'm having thinky thoughts and feely feelings about NaNo that I'd like to discuss with you sometime, if you've got the time.
I should be at the TGIO. I have sent you my personal email by NaNoMail.

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