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Test results are in....

Well, I finally got the results of the test my doctor made me take. It came out exactly as I had thought it would. He seemed a little perturbed that someone of my size doesn't have diabetes. I passed the glucose tolerance test with flying colours.
My body is large. It always has been, even when my ribs showed. Maybe he'll pay more attention now to what I say and less to the textbooks. BMI is not always accurate, nor is the 35" waist cut-off. I admit I need to lose weight; but I doubt I will ever fit into the standards he thinks I should.

Anyway, this is supposed to be a positive post and not a rant against medical stereotyping. So, hurray! I can still enjoy desserts and wine.


Huzzay for desserts and wine!
Good news
Thank you. I am enjoying a hot chocolate at the moment.
That's excellent news! I'm glad you passed the glucose tolerance test with flying colours and don't have diabetes! :-)

I can sympathize with your BMI woes. A couple of years ago, I decided to lose weight because my doctor was also concerned about the possibility of diabetes or heart disease. I actually did very well and lost 60 lbs -- most of which I've managed to keep off. However, it's a struggle to stick to a healthier lifestyle. I've been putting in longer hours lately and haven't had time to squeeze in a walk after work. I was also in a crappy mood yesterday and ended up eating a dark chocolate Toblerone. Uh, the smaller size not the huge one. Anywaaaaay, at this rate, I think I'll have definitely added a few more pounds by New Year's... *g*
You've done better than I have. I ate a 400g Toblerone in three days. Of course, that was after eating 5 of the 6 butter tarts hubby brought home at the same time. Oh, and the Cinnabon he brought home too. It is good that he doesn't mind me being fat because he is certainly contributing to it.

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