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I saw a psychic on November 30 at a family member's house. I debated whether to post anything about it here; but I've decided it won't change anything. I still don't know how much I believe in this; but there is something compelling about it. The very first thing she said when I sat down was, "Oh my God. You were born to write." This revelation came just three(?) weeks after hubby said I should write all the time because it improves my mood.

  • Born to write
  • Two men will help: one with money and one with knowledge
  • Marriage is excellent; couldn’t be better
  • Randy and I will thrive very, very well in the coming times
  • I will attend a wake/funeral soon to pay respects. It won’t be a sad occasion. The person is ready to go.
  • I have lots of talents - writing is definitely one – born to write – painting and drawing (try with left hand) – gardening – anything I touch flourishes – I just lack confidence
  • Could be the next JK Rowling
  • Definitely need more self-confidence and self-esteem
  • I am the type of person who gives, gives, gives
  • Sees me in an estate house with lots of green trees around me – lots of rooms (one for each purpose)
  • Money will come – financial security from now on
  • I need to learn to trust
  • I should try meditation
  • Husband likes to fish
  • I will write about strange creatures
  • Birds bring sunshine – saw big bird and little bird
  • Famous or successful within three years; letter C is prominent
  • Sees me visiting Japan
  • Should visit Easter Island for the energy I’ll get from it
  • Lots of numbers: 3 3 2 71 7 7 7 2 – lots of 7s > very lucky
  • Live near waterfall
  • Someone near me is engaged – it will work out extremely well – they will have two children or pets
  • I will participate in making a movie – one of my books will be made into a movie and I’ll be involved as creative consultant – I won’t just hand over the book
  • I will have another pet
  • When I start writing I won’t be able to stop. She sees me sitting and writing and not seeing the outside of my house
  • Luck is on my side
  • Asked about current business – she didn’t see a business at all
  • Very positive cup (read tea leaves)
BTW, since the reading, I have registered for courses leading to a Creative Writing certificate and I have registered a domain name so I can do marketing when I'm ready.


I'm not a great believer in psychics, but I have no first hand experience whatsoever, so what do I know? And as long as it energizes you, and doesn't cause you to burn (rationally needed) bridges, I don't see the harm.
I totally love it that you wrote it done.
Now the proof of the pudding will be in the eating.
So you better start novelling, stat!
*cracks whip*
Ow! Watch it with that whip.

Yeah, I'm not sure how much I believe. I have watched a lot of them from afar because I have attended shows with friends who believed. Most of them are useless and a few are worse. (Not the friends.)

I saw this lady by invitation. She knew nothing about me and got several things right that one cannot guess. (For example, she couldn't know about my two birds because our go-between was my sister-in-law who didn't know about them.) Also, when I asked a direct question, she didn't make something up. That, in itself, is unusual.

As for the writing, she merely confirmed the direction I was considering, so I am not pursuiing this based solely on her word. I am a rational being. Sometimes too rational; but it does attact the men. lol

Edited at 2008-12-12 08:29 pm (UTC)
That's so cool! I do believe in psychic abilities, though I don't believe that everyone who claims to be a psychic possesses such powers. All the same, the psychic you saw immediately picked up on your love of writing and had some incredibly positive things to say about it. And while I wouldn't stake everything on what she said, it doesn't hurt to work towards your goal of publishing a novel by getting a Creative Writing certificate and a domain name for marketing. The power of positive thinking can do wonders sometimes.
Thanks. It was very affirming to hear her come out with all these things because hubby had already told me I should keep writing. It is something I have wanted to do for as long as I can remember. I think what made the difference for me was a couple of days after the reading when I looked in the mirror and asks, "Why not?" I mean, someone has to be successful. Why not me? I am generally very down on myself and this just has given me more positive energy. If that is all that comes out of it, I will be happy. Positive energy rocks.

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