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I saw a psychic on November 30 at a family member's house. I debated whether to post anything about it here; but I've decided it won't change anything. I still don't know how much I believe in this; but there is something compelling about it. The very first thing she said when I sat down was, "Oh my God. You were born to write." This revelation came just three(?) weeks after hubby said I should write all the time because it improves my mood.

  • Born to write
  • Two men will help: one with money and one with knowledge
  • Marriage is excellent; couldn’t be better
  • Randy and I will thrive very, very well in the coming times
  • I will attend a wake/funeral soon to pay respects. It won’t be a sad occasion. The person is ready to go.
  • I have lots of talents - writing is definitely one – born to write – painting and drawing (try with left hand) – gardening – anything I touch flourishes – I just lack confidence
  • Could be the next JK Rowling
  • Definitely need more self-confidence and self-esteem
  • I am the type of person who gives, gives, gives
  • Sees me in an estate house with lots of green trees around me – lots of rooms (one for each purpose)
  • Money will come – financial security from now on
  • I need to learn to trust
  • I should try meditation
  • Husband likes to fish
  • I will write about strange creatures
  • Birds bring sunshine – saw big bird and little bird
  • Famous or successful within three years; letter C is prominent
  • Sees me visiting Japan
  • Should visit Easter Island for the energy I’ll get from it
  • Lots of numbers: 3 3 2 71 7 7 7 2 – lots of 7s > very lucky
  • Live near waterfall
  • Someone near me is engaged – it will work out extremely well – they will have two children or pets
  • I will participate in making a movie – one of my books will be made into a movie and I’ll be involved as creative consultant – I won’t just hand over the book
  • I will have another pet
  • When I start writing I won’t be able to stop. She sees me sitting and writing and not seeing the outside of my house
  • Luck is on my side
  • Asked about current business – she didn’t see a business at all
  • Very positive cup (read tea leaves)
BTW, since the reading, I have registered for courses leading to a Creative Writing certificate and I have registered a domain name so I can do marketing when I'm ready.
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