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Christmas 2008

What can I say about Christmas 2008 that is suitable for public consumption? Hmm, well, the driving wasn't as bad as it could have been. The turkey was tasty. Most of the company was good. All in all, it was good. My gift to hubby was well-received. He was extremely surprised and pleased to get Naturally Speaking voice recognition software. Now I just have to convince him to take part in NaNoWriMo. His excuse has been slower than a sloth typing speed. In return I received four bottles of wine and the initiation fee and two months at Curves for Women (exercise and weight loss centre). No, he wasn't judging me; I actually asked for that gift.

The return drive was made hazardous by fog one day and gale force winds the next. We made it home safely.

I picked up the birdies yesterday and they are both very happy to be home. Brimley went nuts with all his favourite foods. They both were exhausted and went to sleep really early after about fifteen minutes of synchronized flying. (They had been cooped up in their cages for a week.)
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