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House guest

I got a desperate phone call Friday morning from a regular customer. He knows I have birds and he needed advice. He works eight months of the year in another province and leaves his budgie (Tweety) with his mother. Unfortunately, Mom got a new cat (10 years old). The previous cat ignored the bird. The new cat attacked. Tweety has a huge gash on his chest. I provided emergency care instructions. He brought Tweety in for me to check him out. Hubby and I offered to budgie-sit rather than have Tweety become lunch. I have inspected Tweety and treated his wound with Polysporin on a regular schedule.

Tweety's gash is healing really well. He's a bit timid and only came out of his cage (on his own) for the first time last night. He didn't stay out long. I suspect he is feeling vulnerable after this run-in with the cat. He is used to having his cage door open all the time; but spends most of his time inside. That might change as he gets more comfortable and sees that our birds are never in their cage.

By the way, the psychic did say I would end up with a third pet. Maybe I shouldn't have laughed that one off.
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