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I hate grammar courses

I may not always get things absolutely right, but I can write a decent sentence. I am very thankful for that innate ability. Unfortunately, I have to take a grammar course to obtain my Creative Writing certificate. I hate grammar courses. I started to freak out today because all I can see is two more months of memorizing obscure rules involving terminology that makes my eyes glaze over. I hate memorization. I've never been good at it. Now that I'm 45, I'm much worse at it.

I finished the first lesson and managed to get 100% on the quiz. I started the second lesson and realized that I've already forgotten most of the first lesson. How the hell am I supposed to remember stupid rules from seven freaking lessons for the exam?

Sorry for the whiny rant. Did I mention I hate grammar courses?


Hey hey!

I know this will sound highly inappropriate and ridiculous on top of that, so I apologize before hand, but what would happen if you'd try to embrace the course?

No need to duck.

I went into the course with a very positive attitude. I was looking forward to learning all the stuff I didn't learn in high school. Unfortunately, my memory is useless at memorizing things and this course is primarily memorization.

I have to come up with a way to learn each lesson and still practice each of the previous lessons so I don't forget them. The course comes with practice quizzes and a practice exam, so I plan to make extensive use of them, as well as a grammar quiz site I discovered. Anything I can do to try to remember all this stuff will make my life better. The course started last Friday and I write the final exam on March 11. I only have to remember the details until then. After that, I can always look something up if I need to.

I am a firm believer in a quotation by Samuel Johnson. "Knowledge is of two kinds. You either know the subject yourself or you know where to find information upon it." Once the course is over, I will move from the first to the second type. In the meantime, I am just going to have to do lots of those quizzes so I don't lose what I'm learning.
You never had this stuff in high school?
Oh dear!

What I remember from it is that there is a first phase of remembering what they call all this things and when. I hated it. Detested it even. It is the tedious and dreadful part in which grammar seems highly complicated with never ending denominators that make no sense whatsoever.

Soon you'll get to the part in which you start to recognize the idiotic unhelpful denominators in sentences and will be able to apply them with ever growing accuracy.

Reading your thorough approach to this problem, you'll surely get the hang of it soon. From what I recollect there are only like 15 (maybe 20) strange new words, and the concepts are not the most mind wracking you'll ever encounter. They teach them to high school students after all.

Courage my dear!
Courage, because you will stun them all before long!
Yes you will.
There's every indication of that.
Good mind + good action plan = inevitable success.
I bet on a straight A.

I expect you will even start applying the new knowledge too, eventually.
(No, not now, definitely not now. I know)
But you seem to be someone who likes to have precise denominators and precise words to indicate what you mean. Grammar adds to your vocabulary.

Meanwhile, while you are in the grammatical 'this truly stinks' phase, I send you warmth, back rubs and whiskey.

And I hope I didn't annoy you too much.
*apologetic smile*
Just trying to help.
Mmmm, back rubs. I think I'm in love. And warmth is very, very welcome. It was -30C this morning before factoring in the wind.

Yes, I did study this stuff in high school. It just made no sense to me then. I was hoping it would make sense to me now, and maybe it will, if I can manage to remember what I'm reading.

A friend explained something to me a couple of days ago and it makes perfect sense. I am a top-down learner. I need to see the big picture and then fit the new learning into that. This course is being taught in a bottom-up manner. Essentially, we are asked to learn all these things and then we'll show you where they fit. Maybe I need to follow the course backwards.

Good mind? Really? Thank you. That means a lot to me.

I appreciate that you think my action plan is good. I never really had to study and wasn't sure how to do it. Your comment is very encouraging.

Sends big bouquet of flowers and hugs of thanks. Hot chocolate for everyone. (Yesterday, I heard about a study saying that two cups of hot chocolate each day can lower blood pressure.)

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