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President Obama

Let me get this out of the way first: To be honest, I was fairly certain someone would try to assassinate him before his inauguration. I am happy to see that didn't happen. However, some prejudiced nutbar will try something during his presidency. Let's hope the Secret Service stays on the ball.

I can't say I am as worked up over the whole "first black president" thing as most people seem to be. I guess it is because I don't really see colour. Black. White. Purple. I don't care, so long as the person can do the job. My big fear is that the expectations surrounding President Obama are so high that the only way he can possibly fulfill them is to be assassinated early in his term. It sounds strange, I know. There is no way he can fulfill all the expectations people have. If he dies early in his term, he will by martyred and any failure to achieve his goals would be put down to his not having had time. I sincerely hope this does not happen. Still, he is taking the helm during very rough economic times and I do not envy him the job. I wish him, his family, his country, and the world well.


It is historic, a black president. It shouldn't be, because colour shouldn't matter, but sadly reality dictates otherwise. Hopefully it will now matter much less, especially since he appears to be a very capable man.

Oh and yeah, I figure this has to go the way of JFK or disappointment... Not that I think Obama made promises he doesn't intend to keep, but such is the nature of politics. After all he is not a dictator, and has to deal with both a Senate and a Congress. We all know about "good intentions". I will be gladly proven wrong.

April 2015



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