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I have been really sick for over a week with a cold. Yup, *just* a cold. A tiny little virus has knocked me to my knees.

*curses all viruses*

Hubby had to work for me on Saturday. I haven't been able to sleep more than about twenty minutes at a time because I wake up choking.

I hate being sick.

Oh, and school must go on. I wrote four quizzes and got my worst mark so far on one of them: 70%. I guess this is what I get for being arrogant enough to think I might be able to pull off perfect marks at least 90%.

*kicks self for arrogance*

Adverb clauses. That's what the quiz was on. That's also where I had all my difficulty in the assessment test at the beginning of the course. I suppose the good news is that my marks should not get below that 70%, and that adverb clauses will be a tiny part of the final exam.

*sets grammar course aside and goes back to studying literature course*


Literature course sounds like fun!

(Much more than grammar. I'm afraid I don't have much of an idea what adverbs are. Let alone adverb clauses. So chapeau on the 70%
*checks wiki on adverbs* Aha! Them.)

Sorry to hear a virus has knocked you down and keeps you from sleeping. Are you doing better now?
Thank you for the chapeau. I'm reconciling myself with 70% on the quiz. It only knocks about 1% off my final mark so I can't get too upset by it.

The literature course is a very rudimentary one. It deals with the basics in narrative fiction, drama, and poetry. I think getting back to basics is a good idea. I can make the foundation of my knowledge more stable before I build on it. I managed 90% on the first assignment, but I doubt the rest of my marks in the course will keep up. As much as I'd like 100% in everything, I'm setting my expectations at a healthy 80%. I'm aiming higher; but I won't be upset with 80%.

I think I'm feeling a little better. My neck glands are really swollen and sore. Everything is sore from coughing. I have to sip liquid every couple of minutes to keep from coughing; but I think it is breaking up.
I have to sip liquid every couple of minutes to keep from coughing;
but I think it is breaking up.
Glad to heat that.

Scoring high percentages in this course, does that come with tangible bonuses, or is there something else that drives you to achieve this level?
Nope. No tangible bonuses. I am just a pseudo-perfectionist. If I were a true perfectionist, I would obsess even more. *grin*
I'm sorry you're sick! I hope you recover soon! Considering that you took that quiz on adverb clauses when you were sick, I'm not surprised you got 70%. Actually, it's not a bad mark under the circumstances! Well, I'm sure your other quizzes and assignments will help raise your overall mark.
That 70% knocks only about 1% off my final mark so I can't get too upset by it. Also, adverb clauses is the section with which I have the most difficulty.

I think the cold is beginning to break up. As you know, "breaking up is hard to do." Sorry, I couldn't resist. I would try harder, but my resistance is down.

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