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I have been really sick for over a week with a cold. Yup, *just* a cold. A tiny little virus has knocked me to my knees.

*curses all viruses*

Hubby had to work for me on Saturday. I haven't been able to sleep more than about twenty minutes at a time because I wake up choking.

I hate being sick.

Oh, and school must go on. I wrote four quizzes and got my worst mark so far on one of them: 70%. I guess this is what I get for being arrogant enough to think I might be able to pull off perfect marks at least 90%.

*kicks self for arrogance*

Adverb clauses. That's what the quiz was on. That's also where I had all my difficulty in the assessment test at the beginning of the course. I suppose the good news is that my marks should not get below that 70%, and that adverb clauses will be a tiny part of the final exam.

*sets grammar course aside and goes back to studying literature course*
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