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Ugh, again

Yup, still sick. Actually, it gets worse. I also have conjunctivitis (pinkeye). Between the cold knocking me down for two weeks now and the conjunctivitis, I just had to take today off work. It has to be really bad for that because it means I had to close the store for the day. Hubby is out of town at a recyclers' meeting, so there was no one to cover. After driving home last night and not being able to remember about half of the 40 km, I decided it was probably not wise to attempt the drive and working again today. I'm sure the other drivers appreciate it. My presence on the road would not be safe.

All I have done today is check emails and wash the dishes. Beside that, I just try to stay positive.

This too shall pass. (Hopefully, not the staying positive part.)



Do you have to stay up or can you go to bed?
I stayed in bed for a while until Brimley forced me to feed him and the budgies. Strangely, it hurts more when I'm lying down. I seem to cough more. I can't sleep sitting up, so I'm stuck with moaning and groaning and watching stupid television.
Hope you have found a comfortable spot to get some rest, dear! And that you've found a stack of DVDs to change your TV diet.
*hands you the tea*
No such luck; but I did go see the doctor. I won't give the details here because I'll be posting it in LJ and don't want to bore you to tears.
Isn't this suppose to happen during NaNo?
I am studying literature. Does that count?

For the record, this is worse than any of the NaNo colds I've had. I haven't had one this bad in several years.

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