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Saw the doc

I broke down and visited the old saw bones. Turns out I don't have just a nasty cold. I have the flu. There is still nothing much that can be done about it. He prescribed a narcotic cough syrup (2.5 day supply) to help me get some sleep in the short term to help my body's immune system. Oh, and the conjunctivitis is viral, so all I can do is treat with warm compresses. The good news is that I have been doing that all along and he found almost no sign of it. The eye feels much better now.

Anyway, off to take my meds and go to sleep.


Hope you are feeling better soon.

Cold, flue, either way he can't do anything for you. You just have to persevere and we'll both hope there are no further complications.

Re: Hope you are feeling better soon.

You just had to mention complications, didn't you.

I went to emergency last night because my breathing was obstructed. Small town hospitals are great. I was in and out in an hour.

It turns out the cough syrup my doctor prescribed is only good if you have an "unproductive cough". Since my cough was productive, the syrup just let the plegm build up until it blocked parts of the lung. Not breathing is kinda scary.

Re: Hope you are feeling better soon.

I gotta go check that family tree, with stuff like that happening to you, you could be related. :)

Or your doctor is trying to kill you...

Re: Hope you are feeling better soon.

I hope my doctor is trying to kill me; otherwise, we would be incestuous pajama party lesbians. But then, you already are an incestuous lezzy-whore-bitch, according to the vagrant in Central Park.

I can handle the PPL; just not the incestuous bit.
*sends good vibes and camomile tea*

Hope you feel better soon
I can feel those good vibes. Thank you.

I think I'm going to switch from tea to wine. Maybe the alcohol will help. If not, maybe I'll drink enough that I won't care any more. ;-)

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