njc2007 (njc2007) wrote,

I am were-sheep...bah

Your result for Which Were Animal Would You Be? Test...

You are a Were-Leopard!

60% leopard, 30% wolf, 40% horse, 40% tiger, 30% rat, 50% fox and 30% bear!

Leopards are predators. They are solitary animals that like to hunt at night, although they have been known to stalk prey during the daylight hours at times. They love sitting in tree branches hanging out and watching what goes on in their territory.

Leopards are the only large cats that are not monogamous. They like playing the field and living the high life of the jungle. They are stealthy and sneak up on their prey. They definitely like to do things on their own without help from their peers. Leopards only tolerate each other when the mating instinct hits them.

Leopards are also very strong and can lift up to three times their own weight.

As a were-leopard you definitely won't be enjoying a vegetarian life-style. You'll be taking your meat a little on the rare side...very rare.


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