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I won! I won!

I just don't know what I've won. I got an email from Polaris that I won the May contest prize and had to respond to their email (yes, it was a legit email address for Polaris) so they could do all the paperwork and crap stuff. The thing is that I can't remember what the May contest prize is and they have deleted the link so I can't find out. Oh well. I guess I'll find out eventually.


Oh my God! This...

*Two Galaxy level memberships to Polaris 23 (includes weekend access to
Polaris 23, Reserved seating in our Main Room, all guest talks, Autograph
& Photo sessions, Klingon Karaoke, the Constellation Awards, the
Masquerade, the Blast-Off Party, The Saturday Night Dance, Polaris Pirate
Paaarty, Charity Auction, and over 200 hours of programming and panels!),

*Two Nights Hotel Accommodation in a Jacuzzi suite (courtesy of the
Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel),

*$100 dinner voucher at Crave restaurant (also courtesy of the Sheraton
Parkway Toronto North Hotel),

*Two Polaris 23 T-shirts,

*"Front of the Line" priority for all photograph and autograph sessions,

*PLUS one free Autograph and one free Photo with a Media Guest of your

This entire prize package is valued at over $800!! That's eight hundred
big-ones! Eight bills! And likely equals more fun than you can pack into
a single weekend (but we're willing to try!)
I would have liked the big prize; but I got the meal plan (that I already paid for). I guess I'll have to seek a refund or see if the guy who *might* be attending is actually going to attend. Maybe he'd like it.
You've already paid for the meal plan? Mine is just tacked onto the reservation. I only got the breakfast plan.
Apparently, this prize is for one day of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Oh, the guy who *might* attend has backed out. It will be just the two of us as usual.
That's awesome! Congratulations! I hope it's a good prize! :-)
Yup, it is a good prize. I will be able to eat at the convention for free because it is the weekend meal plan.
That is a good prize! I'm sure you'll enjoy it! :-)

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