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Nut Case Neighbour

I have an incident with a crazy neighbour.


Friday morning my doorbell rang. As I was naked (still in bed), I wrapped the quilt around me and opened the door only a crack. I was confronted with the lady from apartment 2 trying to push her way past me. She asked if I had computers. Always cautious of advertising the contents of my dwelling, I said no. She said she knew I had computers here and told me to turn them off now or she would call the cops and have them confiscated. Thinking she might be mistaking the noise of our birds for the sound of computers, I asked her the nature of her complaint. She said our computers are hardwired to her and she knew everything we were doing. I asked again the nature of her complaint and she said if I didn’t know what she was talking about then I had nothing to fear. She turned and left while saying she was calling the cops.

I was quite concerned because I felt I was being accused of something like child pornography. Finally being fully awake, I got dressed and went to speak with her. Her son answered the door and, from behind him, she started listing off names of people I’ve never heard of and accusing me of conspiring with them. She told me I had a Mac computer (I don’t) and was using Darwin. I asked her what Darwin was. She said we were playing video games until all hours of the night and keeping her awake. This is false. She continued with her assertion that she would “call the cops” and they would confiscate our computers. I lost my temper and yelled at her as I walked away, “You, lady, are one whacko nut job bitch.”

Of course, this incident just set me up to have a really bad day. I'm feeling better now. The landlord told me the fruitcake is moving out August 1st. In the meantime, we're being extra careful to keep our doors locked.


August, not that far away. One of these days I will figure out where time is going. And how it moves both much too slowly and quickly.
Thanks. I'm just gearing up for July (family wedding and Polaris). August is after that.

Yay! Polaris is only 24 days away. I really need a holiday and that weekend is likely all I'll get this year.
Oh, that's awful! I'm so sorry you had to deal with such a psycho bitch! :-( Well, at least you can take comfort in the knowledge that the whackjob is moving out on August 1st, though I'm sure that must seem like a long way away...

Try to hang on until the fruitcake moves out. You're smart to be cautious about locked doors. I'm really glad you don't live alone.
Thank you. August is really only a few weeks away...not even two full months.

Living in a small town (9,500 residents), we haven't been locking our doors unless we've gone to bed. I was never frightened when I lived alone. I'm not frightened now. I'm more annoyed and pissed off.
She is a nut job. What a way to start the day. It's like a weird movie.

I would hate to have cops confiscate my PCs, though. The breech of privacy would be astounding. You think there's any chance she may alert them enough to take action, just to be sure?
Yeah, the prospect of losing the computers (and the data) was definitely not a happy one. Thankfully, I have backups of most of my writing; but I really don't want to have to set up everything from scratch again. There isn't anything on our computers that would be incriminating or even embarrassing.

She did not contact the police; but the landlord did. I had to give a statement; but that is all. She is known to be a problem. The police believe she is an undiagnosed schizophrenic. Her family has been trying to get her into a doctor but she is not cooperating. The police need to catch her in a full-blown episode so she can get mandated assessment. (She walks out of doctor's appointments; but would be forced to stay if it is mandated.)

All in all, this is now behind us.

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