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Stupid, stupid me

As the subject line says: I'm stupid. I kept putting off refilling my prescriptions. I ran out of antidepressants. Not a good thing. I was without for three days and spent most of the weekend in the depths of despair until hubby brought me some of his and almost forced me to take them. Don't worry, we are on the same stuff. The cloud is lifting a little now. I have to pick up my drugs today.

Why do I insist on wallowing when I could just borrow hubby's when I run out? I mean, I give him mine when he runs out; but I just refuse to accept help. See? Stupid, stupid me.


*smack to the side of the head* Smarten up, says she who does similar things.
And eep! I only have one left.
You better have them with you and take them when you are supposed to when we're in TO.
Aye! Aye!
Way to get into the pirate theme there, matey.
Ow! That's hurt. *rubs head and glares at lazigyrl.

I recall something like that the first time I spoke with you......
Yes, it does ring a bell...
I think a lot of people are bad at asking for help: I know I am! In my case, I think it's probably a matter of pride and stubbornness. Anyway, I don't think this makes you stupid -- just human. :-)

I'm glad you're not suffering any longer and will be able to pick up your prescription today. Hope the rest of the week is happier. :-)
I'm really good at giving help; but not so good at asking for or receiving it.

I get kinda paranoid when I'm off my meds. I'm fully convinced hubby doesn't love me. Oh, wait. I was convinced of that when I was on the meds. Hmm, he still does all the same things he always did. I think it is just my inner voices talking. *Shh, I'm not talking to you* lol

It will take a few days for the drugs to kick in fully; but I have chocolate and beer nuts to help in the meantime.
I imagine it is something that happens to you when you are underdosed ....

That said, I wonder how you could run out of them. You appear to be very organized... What were you trying out here?

Glad you are feeling better.

Honestly, I wasn't trying out anything. Lately, I just haven't had any desire to do anything or take care of anything.

Underdosed is right. I think I need a higher dose; but I'm already on the maximum. Of course, the doctor believes I am just trying to get rid of normal feelings; but that is not the case. I am larger (heavier) than average, so maybe a larger dose is still appropriate. Hmm, I might just approach him with that.

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