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Well, it looks like hubby is going to be off work for a few days...just in time for me to go away for the weekend and need him to cover at work. Argh! I hope this doesn't affect my ability to attend Polaris. It shouldn't.

Hubby has been watching way too much science fiction. He says he thinks he is turning into something else. Granted, he looks that way right now; but it is just the skin infection making him look strange. The biggest lesion is above his nose so it looks like he's developing a third eye.

The good news is that it appears the bloody urine was unrelated. There is no proof; but it appears he likely passed a kidney stone. He was very lucky not to have had any pain from it. Then again, he might have had pain and assumed it was something else. He does that. It must not have been as big a stone as some people have if the pain was not too bad.
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