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Polaris 2009

For the most part, Polaris was a blast. The hotel was nice. The panel rooms (except the panels in the squash courts) were closer together than in the other hotel, so it was much easier to get from one to another. The hotel staff were very accommodating. The Polaris guests were very friendly and entertaining. The DJs for the two dances were much, much better than the previous two years. They played songs we could actually dance to!!!!

The Writers' Workshop was very useful this year. It was led by a literary agent who talked about the agency and publication aspects of writing. I feel a lot more confident about submitting my works now than I did before. That's probably because I understand more of it and recognize how that aspect of the business functions. It is no longer a nebulous group of people sitting behind big desks who stamp manuscripts with a big red REJECTED label. Yup, putting a face to the industry really helps.

I made friends with a couple of published authors this year. I hope to see them and develop the friendships further at next year's Polaris.

The only sad part is that I slept through most of Saturday (the main day) because of depression. I've been fighting depression for several months and was hoping the convention (that I always look forward to) would help break through it. Alas, I am now reduced to contacting my doctor again...or maybe my psychiatrist because my doctor didn't take it seriously enough when I raised the issue last time.
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