njc2007 (njc2007) wrote,

Stupid Bird?

Our budgie (Harry) and visiting budgie (Tweety) fly around free. Tweety (we're budgie-sitting him) has a cage and likes to sleep in it and sit in it sometimes. Brimley is out when we are home; but locked in his cage when we're at work so he won't terrorize the smaller birds. Lately, we've been trying something new. Brimley has been very well-behaved, so we're letting him stay out every other day of the week from now on unless he proves he is not trustworthy. We are nearing the end of week two and he's been very good.

Today was a little different. Hubby got home before me to discover that Brimley had gone into Tweety's cage and closed the door. Brimley knows how to open the door, but chose to stay locked inside. We don't know why he did this; but it is kinda strange. We're just thankful Tweety was not inside with him or we might have some explaining to do to Tweety's human companion.
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