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72 hours for a novel

Oh My God!!!! I can't believe I did that. I just popped a cheque in the mail with my registration for the 3-Day Novel Contest. What was I thinking? Is it even possible to write a novel in three freaking days? I don't have a clue what I'm going to write; but I am committed now...or I should be committed ;) Hubby has been urging me on to do this by telling me it would be good because it is something different from what I normally do. I guess I'll have to think about plot, etc. after I write my final exam on Saturday.

Panic will ensue. Let's hope it is a good panic.


Wow...You're a much braver person than I am! I think I'd be in a panic if I had to complete a couple of scenes in three days, never mind a novel! *g* Well, it's certainly a very worthwhile challenge. And they say change is as good as a rest. Best of luck with the novel! :-)
Thanks for the good luck. I don't think I'm braver than you are. I prefer to think of myself as more insane than everyone else.
I'm thinking of partaking without partaking... If that makes any sense.
I think I understand if it means you plan to try the writing without the registration.
Yeah, I am wondering if registering will create additional pressure with the fee and defeat the idea of pushing pass the writer's block. In the mean time, If I plot to do it and actually have an idea come together before hand, I could always register last minute.
Lovely challenge.
You'll enjoy it. A
nd if not, enjoy it anyway. :D
Great gift to yourself!
I needed a new challenge to get me out of a rut. I think this might just fit the bill. It is definitely a challenge.

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