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Not so smart

I set my alarm clock for 6am so I would have time for a leisurely breakfast before driving to my exam at 9am. Hubby joined me for breakfast. Just as we were about to head out the door, I decided to check which room I would be in. Argh! My exam wasn't scheduled until 1:30. I got up early when I didn't have to. I suppose it is better than planning for 1:30 and finding out I had missed the exam.

Anyway, I wrote the damnable thing and it is done. I likely won't achieve me normal A+ this time around. Forty percent of the mark was on about 4% of the course material, and a section I glossed over quickly because it doesn't apply to my writing aspirations.


A+ or not, it is over. *does little dance* No need to get into stuff that is not related to your writing aspirations anymore.

Excellent idea to check before you left!
The universe is on your side, to give you that quick inspiration to check. Otherwise you would have found out after you arrived and lost the whole morning in waiting.

What is next on the agenda.
Was this the last and final obstacle?
As it happened, I lost the whole morning catching up on sleep instead. I suppose that was time well used. There was no point in studying any more.

Next? The weekend novel contest. I have some time to work on the plot so I can just write for those 72 hours.

Nope, that was not the final obstacle. I still have two courses to get the writing certificate. I'll likely tackle them from January to April. I need a break from school for a while to get creative again.
While it sucks that you had to wake up earlier than necessary, I think that's better than missing the exam altogether. Well, thankfully it's done now, so I'm sure that's a load off your mind. I hope you do manage to pull off that A+ despite your misgivings.
Yes, thankfully it is over. Now I can begin to focus on a plot for the weekend novel.

I'm fairly certain I will achieve between a B and an A- based solely on what I didn't write in a couple of the answers.

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