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Five Things Meme

Stolen from lazigyrl .

Five Things You Are Addicted To:
1) Sleep
2) Food
3) Antidepressants
4) Internet
5) Sex

Five Places You Want To Visit Before You Die:
1) Newfoundland (maybe Labrador too; but it isn't high on my list)
2) Australia
3) New Zealand
4) England
5) Oz

Five Movies You Absolutely Loved:
1) Pride and Prejudice (with Colin Firth - yes, I know it was a mini-series)
2) Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the movie)
3) The Rocky Horror Picture Show
4) A Fish Called Wanda
5) The Usual Suspects

Five Movies That Absolutely Sucked:
1) Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (although it was so bad it was good)
2) Plan 9 from Outer Space
3) It (yes, another mini-series)
4) Halloween
5) Deep Throat

Five People You Want To Punch In The Face:
1) Most politicians (doesn't matter which party) 
2) Most news commentators (report the news; don't make the news)
3) Hollywood celebrities who think their opinion is more important than everyone else's just because they are famous. (Famous for what? Playing dress-up?)
4) Sports celebrities who think their opinion is more important than everyone else's just because they are famous. (Famous for what? Playing a game for mega bucks!)
5) God, for having made me the way I am

Five Things That You Find Extremely Disgusting:
1) poop that hasn't been properly wiped off (yes, a boyfriend had that......ew)
2) anyone peeing in the shower - that's what toilets are for
3) people chewing with their mouths open (I don't want to see the food)
4) way too intimate PDAs (get a room, please)
5) barf

Five Of Your Pet Peeves:
1) poor grammar in publications
2) poor spelling in publications
3) getting tech support people on the phone whose accent makes them impossible to understand
4) telemarketers (at work and at home)
5) depression (mine)

Five Things You Would Get If You Won The Lottery
1) debt-free
2) land, on which to build number 3
3) a house
4) quit work
5) spend time writing
6) depending on how much is won, I would share with family and give to certain charities

Five Things That Would've Changed Your Life If You Had Done It Differently
1) gone to university instead of college
2) become a rich man's mistress, as I had planned
3) taken my writing more seriously
4) worked harder at getting into the public service
5) not marrying

Five Random Things Around You
1) Coke Zero can (empty)
2) stapler
3) telephone
4) pens
5) address card file

Five Little Known Things About You
1) I have an accessory spleen
2) I hate earwigs
3) I don't really like myself
4) I genuinely like the people who are my friends; but I don't understand why they like me
5) I'm really super skinny and I just wear a fat-suit I have a wicked sense of humour

Five Things You'd Love To Change About Yourself
1) size
2) physical health
3) mental health
4) hair colour (oh, wait, I did change that)
5) my life

Five Things That Would Make Your Perfect Day
1) not having to get out of bed
2) not having to work
3) not having to do any housework
4) having perfect writing conditions
5) writing a publishable and successful novel

Five Things You Want To Say To Five People (w/out saying names)
1) You were wrong
2) You were right
3) I love you
4) Thanks for being my friend
5) I can't believe how many things I've done since meeting you

Five Things That Always Cheer You Up
1) a surprise visit from a friend (yup, it happened just this afternoon)
2) antidepressants
3) more antidepressants
4) good milk chocolate
5) booze

Five Things You Use Everyday
1) toothbrush
2) toilet
3) computer
4) toilet paper
5) sarcasm

Five Animals You'd Want As Pets, But Can't
1) a man
2) another man
3) a third man
4) a fourth man
5) a maid to clean up after the men

Five Names You Hate
1) David
2) Tom
3) Nancy
4) can't think of any more

Five Things You Love To Drink
1) Mike's Hard Lemonade
2) Rosé wine (good stuff)
3) Black Russians
4) Chai Latte (but I'm picky about it)
5) Coke Zero

Five Things You Find Attractive In The Preferred Sex
1) Sense of fun/humour
2) Treating everyone equally well (but not a push-over)
3) Appreciation for my rubenesque female physique
4) Desire to make me happy (but not a lapdog)
5) Desire for closeness and not just sex

Five Things We Need To Get Rid Of To Change The World
1) statistics
2) career politicians
3) religion
4) over-population
5) illiteracy


You did much better with the punching people one. I just blanked out completely. athletes are good, celebrities are better, at least the athletes tend to be the "best" at it and not just dumb luck.
I don't have a lot of problems with either group until they start spouting opinions and thinking everyone should listen to them. I want to see some credentials for an opinion on most topics. I think celebrities, sports stars and others in the news have a greater responsibility to the public than the average Joe and Josephine. I mean, if you or I spouted our views, most people won't care; but they have fans who will simply adopt their views without thinking. I suppose I should really choose the unthinking masses for punching in the face; but that might hurt my fist more. lol

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